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hey hey hey!!!

 yepp so today has been pretty great so far. My story is comming along great! hopefully i can publish it on here sometime. I still have tons left of it to work on but im getting super excited about it!

since none of you know about it ill tell you that its love letter/ letters to the guy she used to like but then who kills himself and then her confessing things to her current boyfriend that she really wants him to know but she can never tell him.

I'm getting really excited for school to start... weird right??? haha kinda i think. 

yepp so hehe i dont really have much to say actually but yupp 
hehe darn gtg ill write more laterz byes!!!

TODAY!!! [8.16.09]

 Well as you all know today is August 16 2009, haha i just made it sound all important. Well to be honest its really not.... *sigh* i wish something awesome and exciting would happen but thats not really happening soo..... 

So I got back to school on August 26th and i hate to admitt this but i am very excited to go back and see all my friends and be able to see them every day! I guess you could say i actually like school. I mean sometimes the homework really sucks but if i think about it what would life be without homework......hehe idk but lets just say i dont absolutley hate it!!! which i think sounds and is pretty weird.. umm yea
so i guess this is what im wearingtoday yea.......

Writer's Block: Confidence Booster

So the Question is: What do I wear to feel confident?
My answer to that is CONVERSE! i mean i love other shoes to but converse are my favorite. If I put them on with anything im wearing it just makes my day feel better and it just makes me feel happy like i can liteally do anything! 

Especially on what I like to call ugly days..,. Those days when you wake up and everything goes wrong and every single piece of clothing u try on just makes u feel awful! and then you have to cary on with ur day when you could really just fall back in bed and hide in ur bedroom the whole day instead of going to school. but since most of us have to cope with school or work when i put my converse on it makes those ugly days a whole lot better. Im not saying they make it completely better but they do make it definatley much better.

So after the ugly day is over the next day you know that ur gonna have one of those super happy confident days which makes u be able to surviv e the ugly day. When I put my converse on they make the happy days even more great! i feel like i can do anything and nothing not anything at all can stop me... well maybe somthings i cant do like ask out the guy ive been falling for since the last 2 years but ya know ... thats different.... but they do make me feel like i can ace the test ive been studying for( even if i dont ace it) or get a soccer goal in P.E.....

I love converse becasue they make me feel like the super confident person that i want to be and they make me feel like the person that i want everyone to see and hear because im not ashamed of myself.......

hmm i hope this didnt sound to corny but it did help me write somethin and it is very true
what makes u feel super confident!?!?



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